Due to the current social distancing requirements in place in the state of Michigan, our classrooms at Lynn’s Learning Center have been temporarily closed.  We are however continuing to work with our existing and new students via on-line video conferencing!  We still work one to one so the student gets constant attention in the area he/she needs with the convenience of working from the students home with a more flexible schedule.

Lynn’s Learning Center was opened in 2009 to help students who are having difficulty in school. It is seen everyday in every classroom.  There are children that need that extra one to one help in understanding and learning.  Some students just need a little boost to get them through a difficult subject.  Others need more extensive help to get caught up.  With the parent’s permission, contact is made with their child’s teacher to see what the problem areas are in school.  Working together, a strategy is made for the student to make progress and succeed.  Students are met with individually and have programs that are designed specifically for them, whether it is homework help or remediation.

Lynn’s Learning Center is located in Dorr, Michigan. Students meet one to one with their tutor to work on areas of need. The students always have the same tutor which makes for a trusted relationship and allows for continuity. Individual online tutoring is also available via ZOOM for those that are not able to come to the office or live outside the Dorr area.

Lynn's Learning Center, LLC.

4185 Proline Ct. Suite D
Dorr, MI 49323