Homework Tips

Set a regular time to do homework. A regular time tells the child it is time to work and that homework and studying are important.

Pick a place. Make sure it has plenty of light and is fairly quiet.

Remove distractions. Make sure the TV is off and little siblings are kept quiet and occupied with an activity. Soft background music (classical music) can be helpful to cover some low conversations at this time.

Provide supplies and resources. Pencils, pens, paper, markers, color pencils, scissors, and glue should be kept within reach of your child at study time. A box can be used to hold these supplies and can be put away so these resources don’t wander away when not in use for studying. A dictionary and thesaurus are also helpful when it comes to writing papers.  Encourage your child to look words up for themselves.

Set a good example. While your child is studying, take this uninterrupted time to sit and read a book, balance your checkbook, write a letter, or make a grocery list close by. This shows your child that you need to use what they are learning later in life as well.  It is a good family bonding moment by spending time quietly together and you are close by if they need help.

Show an interest. Ask your child what they are studying in school. Ask about friends.  Read out loud with your child.  Attend school activities and Parent Teacher Conferences.  This tells the child that what they do at school is important to you.

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